Work in progress…

okay so I’ll begin this post by saying… “I’M BAAAAACK!”. Yay! I can hear you all literally jumping for joy and screaming in delight ;) Okay reader so maybe that’s not true. In fact you are probably starting blankly at your computer screen thinking I am completely insane. But if you are indeed shouting for joy then I thank you reader, you whoever you are madly jumping and clapping like a seal, you are my favourite reader.

Moving on what this post is really about is a project I have begun (or rather taken back up).
A little while ago I began what is my first novel (although I wrote a lot over the years I never actually finished anything that could be seen as more than just a short story)..
And now I have decided it is time to got back to my novel and finally finish one, it may take a while but I really hope I can finish this one.
Who knows maybe one day I will be an amazing author and you can all say “I read her blog”.

Joking aside, it will be nice just to say… “I’ve written a novel”, even if I am the only one who ever reads it.