Domestic violence

Murdered by my boyfriend- BBC 3

On Monday night BBC 3 showed a drama called murdered by my boyfriend based on a true life story of a young woman who experiences domestic abuse in her relationship and struggles to get out. The shocking drama ends in the death and the young woman, whilst her daughter cries in the next room. Despite it’s horrific details I think the drama successfully portrays the controlling nature of relationships ruled by domestic violence.

The fact that the drama features a young couple will hopefully highlight the risk of domestic violence for young women who are statistically more likely to be victims.

Like many others I think dramas like this one should be shown in school and colleges along with advice for young people about how to get out of relationships of this nature and advice on how to help you friends if you think they are being abused.

Domestic violence is such an important topic and I think it really needs addressing more in schools to help young victims before it’s too late.