‘Independent stubborn little mare’

“Independent stubborn little mare aren’t you?” were the words my Mum used as she watched me determinedly attempting to get dressed one handed. (If you haven’t been reading my blog or have missed the post about A&E here might be a good time to tell you that I was without the use of my right hand after cutting it and having stitches).

I always knew I was an independent person determined to do as much as possible for myself without asking for help, I’ve always been that way and it never occurred to me to question it. However I recently had the thought that my want to be independent may stem from being raised by a single Mother.

Although my Father has not been absent, he does live over 70 Miles away and therefore it has always been up to my Mother to care for and raise me. Being an independent, strong women my Mother’s core values must have begun to influence me over the years making it one of the many ways we are alike. She has always pushed me to achieve the best I could but in a caring way which meant I could flourish under my own power, unlike some parents who push so hard for excellence their children stress about everything.

With the exams coming up in just under a month I will always thank my Mum for the way she has encouraged and praised me to achieve the best I can and I hope that will reflect when I find out my exam results in August.

For any of you who may be concerned or curious my hand is making a good recovery and I can now write even if it is a bit slower than before. Thankfully it should make a great recovery before my exams and I will strive to achieve the grades I need for my first choice university course!

I will from now until mid-June be absent from here unless something life changing or exciting happens I will be spending the next month and a bit revising for my exams.


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