A night in A&E


Last Saturday night just before finishing my shift at work I  cut my hand badly. Shaking and filled with adrenaline I shouted for my manager who is trained in first aid. She cleaned my hand and sat me down applying pressure to the wound. My mum was called and after a short wait she arrived and drove me to A&E, still shaking I tried not to think of it.

Arriving at A&E I was signed in and told to wait and after a surprisingly short wait a nurse came and got me. The nurse was great and very reassuring which soon had me calmed down.

My hand was checked by an orthopaedic surgeon checked my hand to ensure there was no tendon damage before my hand was stitched up with 7 stitches, covered with dressing and bandaged up.

Saturday night in A&E provided much entertainment and is definitely an experience even if it is one that I would rather not repeat. The different characters also did in fact provide a distraction from my hand which I didn’t want to look at or think about because I am a particularly squeamish person. I do feel bad for my mother who I know I must have scared some what and who had to calm me through one of the scariest life moments. However like the great mother she has always been for me she reassured and calmed me throughout that long night in A&E’s minor injuries unit. We were in A&E until 3am and on returning home we were both exhausted and wide awake having hit and gone beyond the point of tired so we sat down with a cup and tea before heading to bed.

After  a week of being unable to use my right hand (unfortunately my dominant hand) today came the day I could have the stiches taken out. Thankfully my hand has healed well although it may take a few days to get the stiffness out of my hands and I will have to be careful with it for a while I am now fully on the mend.

Mostly I am thankful that my hand should be back on form before my exams roll round and it is at this point I inform you my dear reader that I will be absent till about early July whilst I revise and take my exams, so Au Revoir for a while but as Schwarzenegger said “I’ll be back!”




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