Digital technologies

As a child born in the 1990’s there is technology now that I would never have dreamt could have existed. Books that don’t need to be printed but are instead on tablet where you can store a whole library of book. Mobile phones with games and apps other than snake (although snake was a great game, wasn’t it). Mobiles with voice recognition and touch screens were only seen in futuristic films and books. Mobiles that have cameras that are as good as actual digital cameras. Ultra Violets on DVDs that mean you can watch films anywhere. TVs that can connect to the internet and TV boxes that can record TV programmes without a video and can even record more than one at a time. Access to over way over 200 TV channels. Access to ‘Catch up TV’ which means you can watch TV even if you’ve missed it. Laptops the size of books.

Never as a child with dial up internet, Freeview TV, a Nokia mobile phone with snake on and videos of my favourite programmes would I ever have thought I would see all this remarkable stuff all day everyday. And yet now all this stuff is fairly normal to me.


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