Last night I went to see Coriolanus in the cinema. It was an Odeon culture showing of the national theatre production of Coriolanus staring Tom Hiddleston. A friend had told me she was going to see it live at Donmar Warehouse and when I realised I would be able to see it in the cinema not long after she’d seen it I was very excited.

Not really knowing the story of Coriolanus I looked up a brief plot summary before hand.

We arrived at the cinema got drinks and snacks and headed in. We even met the friend who had told me about it in the first place was there to see it again she’d enjoyed it so much. We sat down and after a while the lights went down and the play began…

There was blood, violence, love, hatred and like most of Shakespeare’s plays an element on satire. Tom Hiddleston and the rest of the cast portrayed amazing characters and worked well with the small space that providedĀ the stage in Donmar Warehouse theatre where the play was being broadcast from. Hiddleston who played the character of Caius Marcius ‘Coriolanus’ once again made us love a character who is arrogant and technically a ‘bad’ character.

I greatly enjoyed the performance and am glad the cinema near me chose to broadcast the performance. To anyone who has not seen it yet and is thinking of going to see it in their local cinema I would strongly recommend it and guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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