Student Finance

Student Finance England (SFE) applications for full-time course starting in 2014 opened yesterday which meant it was time for me to start the next step in going to university by applying for student finance. For those of you from America and elsewhere across the globe who don’t know what this means this is where you apply for financial support for while you at university. This financial support comes in the form of; A tuition fee loan which covers the cost of the actual course (usually £9000 a year) which you pay back a small amount at a time once you have left university and are earning above a certain amount. As well as the tuition loan all students can access a maintenance loan to pay for food, rent etc. during your time at university this too has to be paid back. Finally there is a maintenance grant which does not need paying back and is assessed based on your household income (the lower the household income the more support you receive).

Knowing all of this already from leaflets, UCAS fayres and talks at college I began my application.

First I had to create a student finance account which I will be able to use to check any letters, information or payments from SFE. Then I had to enter my information including the course I’m mostly likely to study and the university the course is at (it doesn’t matter if you haven’t had results or chosen you firm choice you can change this later.)

I also had to add my Mothers details as I live with her and my brother and therefore it is her income they will want to assess for the maintenance grant.

Once finished an email was sent to my Mother which she then had to add information about salary, income, share, dividends etc. to. Having completed that I am now back to the waiting whilst my application is assessed and processed. However all in all it was a fairly simple process.


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