Happiness week

happiness week pic

It’s happiness week on BBC radio 1 and they’re attempting to cheer everyone up this week. The idea of happiness week is to make people happy during this cold, wet January. So in the spirit of happiness week I have decided to tell you my keys to living a happy life particularly during the winter.

Firstly surrounding yourself with a great group of friends with who you can have a laugh is the simplest and one of the best ways to stay happy. After all ‘Laughter is the best medicine’.

Secondly MUSIC. I know I’ve posted about music before but I definitely think that the right music can cheer you up within minutes. Put on your favourite song, turn it up loud (or as loud as you can with the neighbours yelling at you) and sing and dance your heart out. You’ll soon forget all your problems and be care free (even if just for 10 minutes)

As well as music I think a good comedy film can be a great way to cheer up. Any of your favourite comedy films should work but for me films like Role models, Knocked Up and Pitch Perfect are guaranteed to make me laugh!

Another key to happiness for me is baking. Although this may not be a great idea for everyone as some people hate all aspects of cooking including baking. But for me being in the kitchen wither alone or with friends and baking something I can enjoy after as well is satisfying and always makes me happy.

Finally when the rain is hammering down it always cheers me up to curl up in my armchair, in my pyjamas and fluffy socks with a hot cup of tea and a biscuit and watch my favourite TV programmes.


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