After finding out one of our closest friends got an offer from Cambridge university one of the most prestigious universities in England and one of the hardest to get into we decided to throw her a surprise party. We arranged it all on a day we were all free and invited the friend over with the pretence she was just coming over to see me as I haven’t seen her properly since before the Christmas Holidays. Having never thrown a surprise party before we were a little uncertain about how to do it but we made sure everyone was here before her and everyone but myself hid before she arrived. As she walked in and through the dinning room I told her we’d head upstairs where she opened the door to find everyone else sat on the stairs shouting surprise. She was so happy and shocked she even teared up a little.

We preceded to have a great day and one friend had even made a congratulations cake with chocolate piped letters stood on top that spelt out ‘Congratulations’.

As well as having such a fun day with friends we are all now a little wiser about how to throw a surprise party.

Laura suprise


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