The great things about Christmas…

Christmas in the post-War United States

Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Christmas draws ever closer I thought this post would be very seasonally fitting.

Christmas is great isn’t it, and we all love it for different reasons. I know there are plenty of conventional reasons to love the Christmas holidays but I have plenty of unconventional reasons to share with you all…

Firstly… Christmas songs! I mean who doesn’t love a good Christmas song. They’re so full of joy and happiness and Christmas spirit and no matter how down or tired you’re feeling they never fail to perk you up. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la!’

Secondly Christmas films. They’re are all great films but you have to wait till Christmas to watch them. So when December 1st rolls round again it’s time to crack out the Christmas films and get in the festive mood!

Thirdly it’s the only day (apart from your birthday and new year) when you can have chocolate or cake for breakfast and no one will question it.

As well as that it’s one of the only days in the year (apart from the obvious birthdays and weddings) when you can start drinking at midday and no one will bat an eyelash. ‘Christmas time mistletoe and wine…’

Then there’s the chaos… I know it’s a weird thing to like about Christmas but the chaos followed by the perfect Christmas day and Christmas meal always surprises me as you never really know if it’s all going to work out until suddenly you’re sat at the table pulling crackers and drowning you plate in gravy.

Next is the setting fire to the Christmas pudding, I mean who doesn’t love that. Despite hating Christmas pudding I always love to watch my grandad turn out the kitchen lights and set the pudding on fire. Really you could say it’s a Christmas tradition, at least in our house it is.

Christmas decorations are also a great thing about Christmas. Shinning lights. Glittering tinsel. And arrays of delicate baubles. The Christmas stands proudly in the dinning room or living room, decorated with care and surrounded by presents in a patchwork of paper.

Finally of course the food is also a major part of the Christmas experience. Mince pies. Chocolate log. Christmas pudding. Full roast dinners. And one of my favourites… the day after leftovers sandwich. A sandwich that beat all other sandwiches filled with turkey, sausage and stuffing, it is Christmas in a roll!


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