Replying to university offers

UCAS Wordle

UCAS Wordle (Photo credit: UniversityBlogSpot)

So today I finally decided it was time to be brave and reply to my offers. Having known for ages which were my favourite and having had conditional offers from all of my choices it wasn’t a case of not yet deciding which to accept but rather a case of not having enough time and not being brave enough to accept yet. It all made it a bit too real and I just needed to time to calm down from the initial excitement and relief of getting offer from all my choices and in particular my favourite choice.

So today I finally felt ready for such an event so I logged onto UCAS track and clicked the ‘Reply to your offers’ button.

First I confirmed my firm then my insurance and then track automatically declined the other 2 offers. Which means of course I am done. I can now stop worrying about UCAS and focus on my grades and insuring I get the grades to go to my first choice university.


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