Arctic Monkey’s AM

As a massive fan of The Arctic Monkeys the day their new album AM was out I brought the MP3 copy online and played it straight away. I had already heard some of their new music on the radio and was looking forward to hearing the rest. And I was right to! I loved all the songs almost immediately and found favourites in Why’d you only call me when you’re high, I wanna be yours and Arabella straight away.

Now almost 3 months later I still listen to the album over and over and unlike some albums I have yet to get bored of it. It has seamless fitted in with old classics of theirs when all the Arctic Monkeys music is played on shuffle.

All I want now from the Arctic Monkeys is to get a chance to see them live (you will know this already if you have read my Bucket list post earlier in the week)


3 thoughts on “Arctic Monkey’s AM

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