University Offers

Today the last of all my university offers came onto UCAS track. Since I only sent my application last Friday I was surprised at the speed of the offers coming back but I was so happy and relieved to no longer have to worry about waiting for offers.

Southampton Solent University

Southampton Solent University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After my first offer on Monday morning I later received a phone call from Southampton Solent Magazine Journalism and feature writing for a phone interview. After talking about my A levels, what interests me about the course and finally them reading my blog they told me they wanted to give me a conditional offer. Since this was my favourite course and university I was so happy and just had to wait for the offer to come onto UCAS. Over the next few days my other universities sent their conditional offer, which although they aren’t my favourite universities made me feel good about myself as it showed me my application was good enough for them all to want me. And today Southampton Solent’s offer appeared on track! So now all I have to do is accept my firm and insurance offers.



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