Bucket list

Okay so I see this sort of post a lot on all sorts of sites and blogs so I thought I would join in.

So here’s my bucket list…

1. Eat breakfast outside Tiffany’s (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

2. See Kangeroos in Australia

3. Go up a lighthouse

4. Go on a helicopter ride over the Statue of Liberty

5. Go up the Eiffel Tower

6. Visit the Tower of London

7. See the Arctic Monkey’s Live

8.. Go on safari in Africa

9. Walk the Las Vegas Strip

10. Eat Pizza in Italy (Mostly because I want to visit Italy and eating pizza there would be iconic)

11. Ride a horse on the beach

12. Go on the London Eye

13. Ride in a hot air balloon

14. Be in Ireland on St Patrick’s day

15. Get an article published

16. Go Whale watching

17. Learn a dance (Salsa, waltz etc.)

18. Visit the Great Barrier reef

19. Go shopping in New York

20. Visit the leaning tower of Pisa

21. Learn to play Poker

22. Have a full conversation with a French person (to use the language that I’ve learnt)

23. Go to a spa and forget everything else for the day

24. Visit the pyramids

25. Go to Waikiki beach in Hawaii

26. Watch the sunrise

27. Learn to make Cocktails

28. Go to university

29. See the Grand Canyon Arizona

30. Go to Paris

31. Visit/ go on a tour of a Volcano

32. See the Niagara falls

33. Learn to drive

34. Go to Oktoberfest

35. See Buckingham Palace

That is my bucket list so far, I hope you can take ideas off this list for your own bucket list. I will update with more and update when I have achieved them :)


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