Christmas shopping

So today I have completed all my Christmas shopping! Having done most of it on the first weekend of December all I had to shop for was my mum who was with me when I brought the rest of my Christmas presents and therefore I couldn’t buy hers then. So today I set out with the only mission of getting mum’s birthday present. I knew what to get her and where to go so I set off quite confident. Elbows at the ready due to how close it is now to Christmas I set off round Bath with my friend to buy the presents. And on all fronts it was a success.


The great things about Christmas…

Christmas in the post-War United States

Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Christmas draws ever closer I thought this post would be very seasonally fitting.

Christmas is great isn’t it, and we all love it for different reasons. I know there are plenty of conventional reasons to love the Christmas holidays but I have plenty of unconventional reasons to share with you all…

Firstly… Christmas songs! I mean who doesn’t love a good Christmas song. They’re so full of joy and happiness and Christmas spirit and no matter how down or tired you’re feeling they never fail to perk you up. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la!’

Secondly Christmas films. They’re are all great films but you have to wait till Christmas to watch them. So when December 1st rolls round again it’s time to crack out the Christmas films and get in the festive mood!

Thirdly it’s the only day (apart from your birthday and new year) when you can have chocolate or cake for breakfast and no one will question it.

As well as that it’s one of the only days in the year (apart from the obvious birthdays and weddings) when you can start drinking at midday and no one will bat an eyelash. ‘Christmas time mistletoe and wine…’

Then there’s the chaos… I know it’s a weird thing to like about Christmas but the chaos followed by the perfect Christmas day and Christmas meal always surprises me as you never really know if it’s all going to work out until suddenly you’re sat at the table pulling crackers and drowning you plate in gravy.

Next is the setting fire to the Christmas pudding, I mean who doesn’t love that. Despite hating Christmas pudding I always love to watch my grandad turn out the kitchen lights and set the pudding on fire. Really you could say it’s a Christmas tradition, at least in our house it is.

Christmas decorations are also a great thing about Christmas. Shinning lights. Glittering tinsel. And arrays of delicate baubles. The Christmas stands proudly in the dinning room or living room, decorated with care and surrounded by presents in a patchwork of paper.

Finally of course the food is also a major part of the Christmas experience. Mince pies. Chocolate log. Christmas pudding. Full roast dinners. And one of my favourites… the day after leftovers sandwich. A sandwich that beat all other sandwiches filled with turkey, sausage and stuffing, it is Christmas in a roll!

Christmas films

Cover of "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole...

Cover via Amazon

Yet another Christmas themed post (sorry reader). This time it’s films and more particularly my top 10 Christmas films count down…

10. Holiday inn. Although old and in black and white (although you can buy a colourised copy now) this film is classic and very festive.

9. The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s child. Yes children’s stories but lovely films great for watching with all the family.

8. The wizard of oz. Not really a Christmas film but is on TV every Christmas and therefore has over time become a classic Christmas film.

7. White Christmas. Another classic and again in black and white. Some slightly awful scenery and props typical to the time but still a lovely film.

6. Home Alone. A little outdated now but still much loved. A great film to watch with all the family. The second Home Alone is also a great film and even more Christmassy.

5. Die Hard. Again not a Christmas film technically but instead has a Christmas party scene and puts you a Christmas mood. This one of course can be watched in November if you’re feeling a bit festive and don’t want to be judged for starting the Christmas films early.

4. Love actually. A beautifully festive chick flick!

3. The Nightmare before Christmas. A newish take on Christmas written by Tim Burton. Like all of Burtons films the characters are all gothic ‘Tim Burton’ style drawing in a film that brings together Halloween and Christmas.

2. How The Grinch who stole Christmas. Jim Carrey brings to life this evil yet in the end loveable character of The Grinch. This classic Dr Seuss book is turned into a great film filled with Seuss style buildings, vehicles and characters. This film will always be loved by all the family.

“And what happened then? Well, in Whoville they say that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day”

1. Elf. By far the best Christmas film ever, it’s happy, funny and sad all at once. A must watch every year, it will always be my favourite Christmas film!

Buddy the Elf what’s your favourite colour?’

Replying to university offers

UCAS Wordle

UCAS Wordle (Photo credit: UniversityBlogSpot)

So today I finally decided it was time to be brave and reply to my offers. Having known for ages which were my favourite and having had conditional offers from all of my choices it wasn’t a case of not yet deciding which to accept but rather a case of not having enough time and not being brave enough to accept yet. It all made it a bit too real and I just needed to time to calm down from the initial excitement and relief of getting offer from all my choices and in particular my favourite choice.

So today I finally felt ready for such an event so I logged onto UCAS track and clicked the ‘Reply to your offers’ button.

First I confirmed my firm then my insurance and then track automatically declined the other 2 offers. Which means of course I am done. I can now stop worrying about UCAS and focus on my grades and insuring I get the grades to go to my first choice university.

Arctic Monkey’s AM

As a massive fan of The Arctic Monkeys the day their new album AM was out I brought the MP3 copy online and played it straight away. I had already heard some of their new music on the radio and was looking forward to hearing the rest. And I was right to! I loved all the songs almost immediately and found favourites in Why’d you only call me when you’re high, I wanna be yours and Arabella straight away.

Now almost 3 months later I still listen to the album over and over and unlike some albums I have yet to get bored of it. It has seamless fitted in with old classics of theirs when all the Arctic Monkeys music is played on shuffle.

All I want now from the Arctic Monkeys is to get a chance to see them live (you will know this already if you have read my Bucket list post earlier in the week)

Deck the Halls

20131202_181718Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la, la la la, laa… In our house today really was time to deck the halls and put up the Christmas decorations. So out came the tinsel, the lights, the baubles, the figurines and in our house a set of Santa Russian dolls.






University Offers

Today the last of all my university offers came onto UCAS track. Since I only sent my application last Friday I was surprised at the speed of the offers coming back but I was so happy and relieved to no longer have to worry about waiting for offers.

Southampton Solent University

Southampton Solent University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After my first offer on Monday morning I later received a phone call from Southampton Solent Magazine Journalism and feature writing for a phone interview. After talking about my A levels, what interests me about the course and finally them reading my blog they told me they wanted to give me a conditional offer. Since this was my favourite course and university I was so happy and just had to wait for the offer to come onto UCAS. Over the next few days my other universities sent their conditional offer, which although they aren’t my favourite universities made me feel good about myself as it showed me my application was good enough for them all to want me. And today Southampton Solent’s offer appeared on track! So now all I have to do is accept my firm and insurance offers.


The Hunger games Catching Fire…

Cover of "Catching Fire (The Second Book ...

Cover via Amazon

Last night I went to Trowbridge cinema to see the new Hunger Games film, ‘Hunger Games Catching fire‘.

Now if you have not seen the new film or read to books yet close this page now. I repeat close the page. Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!

And if you have watched the new film you can continue reading.

After watching the first one I was really looking forward to this one and couldn’t wait to see how they made the second book into a film. having read the books I was happy to see they didn’t miss out anything that greatly effected the storyline. The best parts of the film for me were seeing all the new characters including Finnick and Maggs. I also liked seeing the new clock arena which I think was very well designed on film and was exactly how I imagined when I first read ‘Catching Fire’. However the part I love most about both films is the clothing and the make-up of those in the Capitol especially Effie and I imagine it was very fun for the wardrobe and make-up team in sourcing and creating all these amazing, colourful and over the top outfits.

Bucket list

Okay so I see this sort of post a lot on all sorts of sites and blogs so I thought I would join in.

So here’s my bucket list…

1. Eat breakfast outside Tiffany’s (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

2. See Kangeroos in Australia

3. Go up a lighthouse

4. Go on a helicopter ride over the Statue of Liberty

5. Go up the Eiffel Tower

6. Visit the Tower of London

7. See the Arctic Monkey’s Live

8.. Go on safari in Africa

9. Walk the Las Vegas Strip

10. Eat Pizza in Italy (Mostly because I want to visit Italy and eating pizza there would be iconic)

11. Ride a horse on the beach

12. Go on the London Eye

13. Ride in a hot air balloon

14. Be in Ireland on St Patrick’s day

15. Get an article published

16. Go Whale watching

17. Learn a dance (Salsa, waltz etc.)

18. Visit the Great Barrier reef

19. Go shopping in New York

20. Visit the leaning tower of Pisa

21. Learn to play Poker

22. Have a full conversation with a French person (to use the language that I’ve learnt)

23. Go to a spa and forget everything else for the day

24. Visit the pyramids

25. Go to Waikiki beach in Hawaii

26. Watch the sunrise

27. Learn to make Cocktails

28. Go to university

29. See the Grand Canyon Arizona

30. Go to Paris

31. Visit/ go on a tour of a Volcano

32. See the Niagara falls

33. Learn to drive

34. Go to Oktoberfest

35. See Buckingham Palace

That is my bucket list so far, I hope you can take ideas off this list for your own bucket list. I will update with more and update when I have achieved them :)

First university offer

UCAS in 200 Words

UCAS in 200 Words (Photo credit: UniversityBlogSpot)

Today I received the email saying “Something has changed on your UCAS application; please log on to track to review the change”.

Now if you don’t know this means you’ve received either; An offer, An invite to an interview or a rejection.

However when I came to log on I was told my ID or password was wrong. I tried again checking the password and ID number before starting to panic a little.

Thankfully one of the staff at my college helped me call the UCAS hotline and get my password reset.

Finally I managed to log on…

And there waiting for me was my first offer!!

A conditional offer from my second favourite choice. I couldn’t believe how happy I was as I walked home!