Southampton Solent taster session

Southampton Solent University

Southampton Solent University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I set off on the train at 11:02 this morning to Southampton Central station. Arriving later than planned due to delays on the train I set off from the platform towards the university in quite a hurry to get to the taster session on time. This time more confident about where to go having been to Southampton Solent university for an open day about a month ago.

I was greatly looking forward to the taster session for the magazine journalism and feature writing course as it would give me chance to have a go at something I want to spend the next 3 years doing at university and my career doing after that. If you haven’t read some of my other posts I shall tell you that the course I want to take at university is Journalism (the part that interests me most being print and magazine journalism and researching and writing features and articles).

I gathered in the John Everett Millais and found the person I needed to sign in. After waiting a short amount of time for anyone else who was late he then took me up to the room where the taster session was being held to john the others.

The session began with Sarah Gane (who I had already met at the open day) getting us to practice interview skills by interviewing each other so we could get to know one another and then typing the interviews up like you would if you were writing an interview feature for a magazine. This was a very good introduction to the session as it allowed us to meet new people who are interested in similar things to us. After that we had a short break for lunch then continued. Next we went through a PowerPoint and had a very interesting discussion about each magazine cover and what they represented and who they were aimed at and why. In the last task Sarah returned and we got to write a small feature about the top 5 something’s that we would research online, I chose to do the top 5 Christmas dresses.

Finally I ended a good day with some shopping in Southampton!


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