Driving theory!!

Day 21: DVLA 101

Day 21: DVLA 101 (Photo credit: joeyanne)

Today I went to Yeovil to take my driving theory tests. After studying the highway code for weeks, practising DVLA theory questions and taking mock hazard perception tests all waiting for this day.

When we arrived I went into the test centre and signed in, then I read the instruction cards they gave me before going to take the test. Despite being given an hour for the theory questions I didn’t take that long because I was quite confident with that section. However moving onto the hazard perception I was nervous as I’d struggled more practising this at home as I find the videos blurry and harder to see that real life. But I tried not to let this faze me and I just concentrated hard on the clips.

After all of that there was also a section where you could try some ‘trial’ hazard clips that were more like computer generated videoes which I think are a lot easier to see than the ones currently being used.

Finally there was a customer satisfaction survey before the end of the test and time to leave the room.

Leaving the room I was sent back to the desk where I signed in to collect my results and the paper counterpart of my drivers license.

The results in hand I walked to the car (slightly confused by the fact that they don’t tell you your results you just read them).

It was then that I looked properly at the results paper and certificate and…. I PASSED!

I passed, I passed, I passed. It was both and exciting and relieving moment.

Then I looked at the details of the results. On the theory questions I got 47 out of 50 (pass rate 43) and the hazard perceptions I got 62 out of 75 (pass rate 44) which means on the one I was most worried out I passed well within the boundaries.

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