Practising for driving theory test…

As my driving theory test next week looms closer I have been revising twice as much this week. This post is about some of the ridiculous questions and answers on theory tests that I noticed a while ago and feel I really need to say something about.

So here are a few of the ridiculous questions and there answers that may come up in my theory test…

1. There has been a collision. A driver is suffering from shock. What Two of these should you do?

  • Give them a drink.
  • Not leave them alone.
  • Ask who caused the incident.
  • Reassure them
  • Offer them a cigarette.

Who… who is picking to offer them a cigarette???

2. stupid theorys qs 2

All I’m going to say about this one above is ‘Who is getting this wrong’, it’s the ONLY sign that shape.

3. You have to leave valuables in your car. It would be safer to…

  • Put them in a carrier bag.
  • Lock them out of sight.
  • Park near a school entrance.
  • Park near a bus stop.

Why is ‘Put them in a carrier bag’ an answer, who is thinking I know what will stop someone stealing my possession a plastic bag…?

4. You are driving on a motorway. By mistake, you go past the exit the exit you want to take. You should…

  • Carefully reverse on the hard shoulder.

I’m not actually going to write the answers because it is the first answer I want to talk about. Who thinks it’s safe to reverse on a motorway???!

There are plenty more where these came from and if you too are practising your theory test you will know what I mean. This post was a little rant-y again so I apologise for that now but it was something I felt needed saying. As ever ‘Thanks for reading’.


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