The waiting game…

UCAS in 200 Words

UCAS in 200 Words (Photo credit: UniversityBlogSpot)

So were back to the UCAS blogging. I have now completed all the sections of my application, finished my personal statement (after 14 drafts and numerous people checking it) and finally I’ve sent it away to my college to add their reference and then away it will go to all the universities i’ve applied to across the country and then I wait for the replies . The waiting game has begun.

I can already feel myself getting more and more nervous!

I will be staring at the track page, pressing refresh over and over. But there is nothing more I can do but wait so that is what I will do.

Lets hope I can distract myself long enough to not spend all day watching UCAS track.

Wish me luck reader as I wait for replies and in return to any of you in the same situation I wish you all luck too.

Good luck everyone!


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