Types of film watchers

Being an avid film watcher who goes to the cinema often I have over time spotted many different types of film watchers.

Here are the typical film watchers I’ve identified….

1.) The noisy eater. One of the most annoying watchers who sits rustling papers and crunching away as loudly as humanly possible all the way through the film.

2.) The nacho and hot dog eater. Not that I have any problem with either of these foods when eaten in a restaurant or else where however in the cinema they smell awful.

3.) The talker. This person is the one who talks and asks questions all the way through the film. Asking ridiculous questions like ‘Who is that’ when you don’t know either and the film has just started. Am I the only one who just wants to yell ‘Keep watching the film and you’ll find out like the rest of us’?

4.) The leaver. These are the ones who get up to go to the loo halfway through the film walking straight past the screen. They aren’t the most annoying and I understand it sometimes especially if it’s a young child or older person.

5.) The film critique. These are the ones who seem to find something wrong in every moment of every film and think they know absolutely everything about every film.

So there they are the main film watchers I have identified, but have you identified any others, if so let me know I’d love to hear them.



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