Happy 80th Birthday!

What a big birthday! Yesterday I got to wish my Grandad a happy 80th birthday!

But it’s not really his birthday I want to talk about, it’s him and his gadgets.

I first thought of writing a post about this when we sat down to eat lunch and my grandad was texting on his smart phone,which made us all laugh a bit at the irony of an 80 year old man texting where typically it would be his teenage grandchildren.

Despite being 80 my grandad has always been very tech-savvy. Not only does he have a smart phone but 2 laptops, a netbook, a computer and a tablet. Not only that he uses them frequently and even uses his tablet to read e-books. Although I am sure there are lots of similar 80 year-olds I still am astonished by how good he is with new technology.


One thought on “Happy 80th Birthday!

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