Summer No’s

Ok so it has become lovely and sunny, but with this beautiful weather there are lots of really wrong things that people start doing that they really shouldn’t, I am calling these my list of summer No No’s!

Firstly and fairly obvious… Socks and sandals… no, no, no, no, no! A decision needs to be made by these sandal and sock wearers to either wear socks and shoes or just sandals.

Secondly, elderly men with beer bellies and grey chest hair should never ever ever go shirtless or where a vest, a normal t-shirt should be worn at all times!

Next, sunglasses inside. This is not because it looks stupid or gross but because it just doesn’t make sense, firstly how can you see inside with them on, and secondly what’s the benefit when you go outside?

Rant over again. Thanks for reading :)

BTW I am loving these polls so here’s another one :) Vote on which on of these summer No’s do you think is the worst?



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