Ucas application

This post my dear readers is for those who are about to, like me, begin the scary yet exciting ‘UCAS application’…

So are any of you at this point too? It’s exciting and nerve racking all at the same time isn’t it Uni going reader?

So many questions…. which university, what course, can I get the right grades, how do I apply, how much money will I get in loans?

Thankfully college are doing very well to help us do all of this including how to write your personal statement (the bit I fear the most).

So hopefully this process will go smoothly and I’ll be eating 11p noodles at university in no time.

Other than the very daunting process I am very much looking forward to the whole Uni experience from open days in new cities, getting places at Uni and of course fresher’s week and the whole Uni experience that follows all of that!


Now it’s not very often I can help out my readers or they can help me out so if any of you are at this stage and want help give us a comment and I’ll try to help. Alternatively if you have any tips or advice for me or my readers please also make a little comment and know all day that YOU have helped someone else! :D


7 thoughts on “Ucas application

  1. I would just like to add that we began the actual application today on the UCAS site and I’d would like to tell you all it is probably a good idea to fill in your personal details and stuff (the easy bits) as soon as you can (to get it over and done with) :)

  2. Seriously don’t stress out over UCAS, I’m off to uni in September and got all of my offers, it’s best to stay calm about.
    quick tip though guys, don’t get your tutors to change your predicted grades to really high, mines were ABC and got an offer of BBB from Sheffield, a girl I know changed her predicted grades to A*AA, and got that as her offer for the same course!

  3. Thanks a lot for the advice, am trying to stay calm, but I’m just one of those very panicky people (although for some reason I don’t get worried for exams).

    Is the Uni you’re going to Sheffield or Sheffield Hallam? Sheffield Hallam is on my short list :)

    • It was uni of, but I chose Salford instead, with Belfast as my insurance :)
      Your ucas will be fine, it seems like the most important thing ever I know it’s all I could think about for ages! Such a relief when it finally got sent off :)

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