silly little things…

ah you guessed it reader it’s time to laugh at my expense (again).

Today the topic is silly little things I do that make me feel really ditsy, I want to share these things mostly so you can all have a laugh, but also because I want to know if others do these things.

And here they are my top 5 silly little things…

1. Push a pull door or pull a push door (I know other people do this so don’t even try to deny it)

2. Search for sunglasses while they’re on your head (Do other people do this… please tell me they do… otherwise I’m like a confused old lady)

3. Panic about loosing your phone or MP3 then realise that you must still have it because you’re still listening to music through it ( Ok, other people must do this, anyone……..)

4. Panic about having lost something then remember you moved it.

5. And Finally the possible weirdest of them all if someone sees is… talking to someone who was there just but has since left the room or walked away

Firstly please tell me someone you do this… do you reader… Do you?

Secondly what do you do in that situation? What do you do if someone sees you in a situation that appears to be you talking to yourself? This isn’t a rhetorical question, I really do want to know reader, so if you have any ideas, and I mean any then please tell me.

Here we come to the end of yet another post, if you have only scan read this then shame on you, but if you have read it all I salute you. And now we come to another point where you my reader can you tell me if you to do any of the silly things above. Or if you’re braver today tell me something silly you do, even if only to get it off your chest or find out if others too do your silly thing.

P.S. I have just learnt to add a poll so please vote on which of my silly things you do or even add you own ‘Others’


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