Summer Holidays!

We’re all going on a summer holiday….. Wohooooo!

Okay so I am a little excited because as of a few days ago my summer holidays began!

And I must say it is going to be very busy this summer :)

I am going to be shopping, going to the cinema, going to Manchester, Liverpool and Brighton. And of course in August I will be having my very first driving lesson, yay!

So yeah I am a ‘Little’ Excited for this holiday :)

I hope you all have a great and exciting summer too and above all I hope these summer holidays and sunny and bright.

I think it’s time for a little sing song now don’t you reader. Sing along with me, out loud please and no I don’t care that there are people are around you, ready… 1….2…3…


We’re all going on a summer holiday, no more working for a week or two!


Happy 80th Birthday!

What a big birthday! Yesterday I got to wish my Grandad a happy 80th birthday!

But it’s not really his birthday I want to talk about, it’s him and his gadgets.

I first thought of writing a post about this when we sat down to eat lunch and my grandad was texting on his smart phone,which made us all laugh a bit at the irony of an 80 year old man texting where typically it would be his teenage grandchildren.

Despite being 80 my grandad has always been very tech-savvy. Not only does he have a smart phone but 2 laptops, a netbook, a computer and a tablet. Not only that he uses them frequently and even uses his tablet to read e-books. Although I am sure there are lots of similar 80 year-olds I still am astonished by how good he is with new technology.

Summer No’s

Ok so it has become lovely and sunny, but with this beautiful weather there are lots of really wrong things that people start doing that they really shouldn’t, I am calling these my list of summer No No’s!

Firstly and fairly obvious… Socks and sandals… no, no, no, no, no! A decision needs to be made by these sandal and sock wearers to either wear socks and shoes or just sandals.

Secondly, elderly men with beer bellies and grey chest hair should never ever ever go shirtless or where a vest, a normal t-shirt should be worn at all times!

Next, sunglasses inside. This is not because it looks stupid or gross but because it just doesn’t make sense, firstly how can you see inside with them on, and secondly what’s the benefit when you go outside?

Rant over again. Thanks for reading :)

BTW I am loving these polls so here’s another one :) Vote on which on of these summer No’s do you think is the worst?


Music for thought

Today’s post my dear reader is about music (hence the title)!

I wonder reader, have you ever thought about how different music effects your attitude and/mood. Well I have and this is what I’ve decided…

·Faster more upbeat music can make you feel more confident and lively, they can also make your more motivated!

Slower more indie style music can both make you feel more relaxed and also if you’re listening to it through headphones it can even make you feel more thoughtful.

Finally different music can change your mood from Happy to sad, from confident to thoughtful, from lively and motivated to relaxed!

So next time you put music on think about how you want to feel.

And finally I will leave you with the music quote… “Girl put your records on, tell me your favourite song”

Ucas application

This post my dear readers is for those who are about to, like me, begin the scary yet exciting ‘UCAS application’…

So are any of you at this point too? It’s exciting and nerve racking all at the same time isn’t it Uni going reader?

So many questions…. which university, what course, can I get the right grades, how do I apply, how much money will I get in loans?

Thankfully college are doing very well to help us do all of this including how to write your personal statement (the bit I fear the most).

So hopefully this process will go smoothly and I’ll be eating 11p noodles at university in no time.

Other than the very daunting process I am very much looking forward to the whole Uni experience from open days in new cities, getting places at Uni and of course fresher’s week and the whole Uni experience that follows all of that!


Now it’s not very often I can help out my readers or they can help me out so if any of you are at this stage and want help give us a comment and I’ll try to help. Alternatively if you have any tips or advice for me or my readers please also make a little comment and know all day that YOU have helped someone else! :D

inspirational books

Hello reader, it’s time to talk books, and not just any books but books that have inspired me and that I hope may inspire you.

I have always read a lot, which is probably why books are a large part of my life and have always inspired me, especially when it comes to my own writing, which I hope one day will inspire somebody else aspiring to write the same way these books have inspired me!

So here they are, my top ten influential and inspiring books.

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Although this book isn’t very long the characters are extremely well thought out and the story is unique and beautiful.

Cover of

Cover of Breakfast at Tiffany’s

2. Goodnight Mr Tom: A longer one this time, this book is inspirational to me because the writer makes you feel the pain and emotions of all the characters and the story is so emotional it has actually brought me to tears. I have read this book several times yet every time it spark emotion and makes me cry!

3. Boys Don’t cry: again this book is emotional and has an amazing storyline. It is written from the point of view of the 2 main characters which allows you to empathise easily with them.

4. Harry potter: Now this book I obviously love a lot but it’s not actually the book that has inspired me but rather J.K Rowling‘s determination with her book no matter how many times it got turned down, her determination has inspired me to continue writing now matter how many bumps there are along the way.

5. Noughts and crosses: By Malorie Blackman, the same author as Boy’s don’t cry this is also an amazing novel and all together series (noughts and crosses, knife edge, checkmate and double cross). The storyline is amazing, the characters are amazingly thought out and emotional and you really empathise with every character including the bad ones.

6. Daddy-long-legs: another beautiful, old classic with lovely characters and a lovely storyline.

7. Cat in the hat: Yep, I know a children’s book and not exactly an amazing storyline, but for me Dr Seuss is a literary genius who has got people reading his books over and over again, and then after that reading them to their own children, who wouldn’t aspire to write something that is read over and over, from generation to generation?

8. The boy in the stripe pyjamas: another extremely emotional story based around the concentration camps, although this book has a very sad ending it is still a very good book.

9. Anita and me: This is not only a beautiful book but it also gives an insight into another culture and another families way of life.

10. Numbers: This is actually a trilogy of books by a writer called Rachel Ward. I love this book because it’s unique in both it’s story and characters and is like no other books. The characters are easy to empathise with and the story really gets you hooked!

So there you have it, the books that inspire me! Got a book that inspires you, or that you would recommend, let me and Caesar know!


Ok readers it’s hobby time or rather ireallyneedsomedecenthobbiestotalkabout time.

So I’ll begin by trying to explain that I am beginning the long, and slightly complicated application to university and of course beginning to think about what to put in my personal statement. And of course I stumble upon the hobby dilemma, because although I don’t do nothing I’m not a particularly sporty or hobby doing person. Sooooo what do I put, blogging, writing, reading…? Are these valid hobbies (I hope so).

I’m also beginning to think about trying some new hobbies, but what do I do, where do I begin.

Any ideas reader, any, if so tell me and I might give it a go…


silly little things…

ah you guessed it reader it’s time to laugh at my expense (again).

Today the topic is silly little things I do that make me feel really ditsy, I want to share these things mostly so you can all have a laugh, but also because I want to know if others do these things.

And here they are my top 5 silly little things…

1. Push a pull door or pull a push door (I know other people do this so don’t even try to deny it)

2. Search for sunglasses while they’re on your head (Do other people do this… please tell me they do… otherwise I’m like a confused old lady)

3. Panic about loosing your phone or MP3 then realise that you must still have it because you’re still listening to music through it ( Ok, other people must do this, anyone……..)

4. Panic about having lost something then remember you moved it.

5. And Finally the possible weirdest of them all if someone sees is… talking to someone who was there just but has since left the room or walked away

Firstly please tell me someone you do this… do you reader… Do you?

Secondly what do you do in that situation? What do you do if someone sees you in a situation that appears to be you talking to yourself? This isn’t a rhetorical question, I really do want to know reader, so if you have any ideas, and I mean any then please tell me.

Here we come to the end of yet another post, if you have only scan read this then shame on you, but if you have read it all I salute you. And now we come to another point where you my reader can you tell me if you to do any of the silly things above. Or if you’re braver today tell me something silly you do, even if only to get it off your chest or find out if others too do your silly thing.

P.S. I have just learnt to add a poll so please vote on which of my silly things you do or even add you own ‘Others’