Weird sounds that are aesthetically pleasing…

So… I am guessing nobody’s ever written a blog entry about weird sounds that they like but today I am going to do just that.

This is going to be more like a list that the normal gibberish, but let us begin on a what I am calling the ‘Journey of good sounds’.

The journey of good sounds…

1. Tying shoe laces. Now reader I can already hear you saying “what”, but really think about it. In fact tie a pair of laces if you must to understand but trust me it’s a good sound.

2. Standing on crunchy leaves. I don’t think I need to explain this one, I mean is there anyone who has never gone out their way in order to step on a crunchy leaf?

3. The sound of hot water being poured on a teabag in a mug. This one I’m afraid is hard to explain. If you drink tea you may know what is mean. Others may have never heard it. But despite the weirdness of this sound but it is a sound that I find pleasing to the ear.

4. Sound of the keys when you type especially when typing quickly. This one’s a bit odd but again it’s a nice sound

5. Finally I really love the sound of turning pages of a book. Yes sad I know but it is a lovely sound

So there you have it, 5 weird sounds that I love to hear. Now it’s your turn reader, have you got any sounds that you love. If yes why not let it out, get it off your chest and tell me? 


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