No use crying over spilled rice…

yes, I know, the saying is wrong. But it wasn’t milk I spilt it was rice!

I think to explain what on earth I am talking about I need to start at the beginning by saying I have a part-time job at my local small supermarket. And that my dear readers is where this story begins. So today as I rolled a cage of stock out of the warehouse to put out on the selves, a box placed at the top (and not very well place) fell off exploding… EVERYWHERE and I do mean everywhere. Now this is where I have to tell you it was a box of those microwave curries, you know with the rice in one side. Now thankfully the curry sides seemed to stay in tact so we were clear of curry sauce all over the floor however the rice side did burst open and spill rice everywhere.

My next move obviously was to run and the dustpan and brush to clear it up, but unfortunately it wasn’t that simple, because when is/has my life ever been that simple. It was not simple for 2 main reasons… 1. Rice gets everywhere, have you ever dropped rice at home it’s so small it gets in the most awkward places ever

2. The major problem this one is that unlike dried rice, this rice was sort of sort and stick, which made it twice as hard as dried rice, because it stuck to the floor and stuck to the brush.

There you go reader all out in the open, my little mess up of the weekend.

Now you are probably laughing at me now aren’t you reader, go on admit it, you like it when other people mess up don’t you, don’t we all, because it makes us all feel like less of a mess up ourselves.

So my dear reader chum if you’ve have a little mess up like me tell us all and help the nation feel like less of a mess. Raise the moral of a nation, you could put it that way ;)


Weird sounds that are aesthetically pleasing…

So… I am guessing nobody’s ever written a blog entry about weird sounds that they like but today I am going to do just that.

This is going to be more like a list that the normal gibberish, but let us begin on a what I am calling the ‘Journey of good sounds’.

The journey of good sounds…

1. Tying shoe laces. Now reader I can already hear you saying “what”, but really think about it. In fact tie a pair of laces if you must to understand but trust me it’s a good sound.

2. Standing on crunchy leaves. I don’t think I need to explain this one, I mean is there anyone who has never gone out their way in order to step on a crunchy leaf?

3. The sound of hot water being poured on a teabag in a mug. This one I’m afraid is hard to explain. If you drink tea you may know what is mean. Others may have never heard it. But despite the weirdness of this sound but it is a sound that I find pleasing to the ear.

4. Sound of the keys when you type especially when typing quickly. This one’s a bit odd but again it’s a nice sound

5. Finally I really love the sound of turning pages of a book. Yes sad I know but it is a lovely sound

So there you have it, 5 weird sounds that I love to hear. Now it’s your turn reader, have you got any sounds that you love. If yes why not let it out, get it off your chest and tell me? 

Work in progress…

okay so I’ll begin this post by saying… “I’M BAAAAACK!”. Yay! I can hear you all literally jumping for joy and screaming in delight ;) Okay reader so maybe that’s not true. In fact you are probably starting blankly at your computer screen thinking I am completely insane. But if you are indeed shouting for joy then I thank you reader, you whoever you are madly jumping and clapping like a seal, you are my favourite reader.

Moving on what this post is really about is a project I have begun (or rather taken back up).
A little while ago I began what is my first novel (although I wrote a lot over the years I never actually finished anything that could be seen as more than just a short story)..
And now I have decided it is time to got back to my novel and finally finish one, it may take a while but I really hope I can finish this one.
Who knows maybe one day I will be an amazing author and you can all say “I read her blog”.

Joking aside, it will be nice just to say… “I’ve written a novel”, even if I am the only one who ever reads it.