Invigilators and exams

Okay so yesterday after my revision and the distractions I had my French speaking exam.

Now I don’t know if any of you have done an AS French speaking but basically we have to make notes on before the actual speaking in a room with a Invigilator.

Now in my mind there are two types of invigilators:

1. The ones who smile sympathetically at you, offer you tissues if you’re sneezing and always make sure you have the right equipment (pens, pencils e.t.c)

2. The others… The ones who talk loudly. Make loads of noise. And watch over your shoulder what you’re writing which puts you off.

And of course yesterday I had the second one who spent the whole time I was making notes highlighting sheets of paper as loudly as anyone highlighting could. Then halfway through my allowed 15 minutes she dropped a whole load of highlighters on the floor making yet more noise.

So thank you, thank you veeerryy much noisy invigilator!

Exams are stressful enough without the added noise and stress from anything else, don’t you think reader.

Have any of you had any terrible exam experiences with exams, invigilators or revision?

If so why not tell me and Caesar…

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2 thoughts on “Invigilators and exams

  1. I hope other than having a silly invigilator your exam went well! Yes, I had a bad experience with a supervisor (we call them supervisors) last year! I was in my German exam and we were doing the listening part and when she played the CD we realised that we weren’t listening to the reading of a passage, but someone singing a song. Yup. A German song. A fast and incomprehensible one (there was a huge uproar about it after the exam). Anyway, that was shocking and difficult enough, and as I was frantically writing the few things that I could understand, I ran out of paper. So, naturally I asked for more paper but she thought that I shouldn’t have run out of paper so quickly. And she took it upon herself to look through my exam paper as I was trying to squish everything into my already filled paper. I don’t think I can even properly explain the extent of the awkwardness that ensued. Imagine trying to write on a piece of paper and listening and not understanding a stupid song whilst a stranger is trying to flip through the booklet you are writing on. In the end she found no spare paper in my booklet and gave me what I had asked for 10 mins ago. I was soooo not impressed. But I guess the grade that I got made up for it!

    • Ahaha sounds like an absolutely awful experience, way worse than mine.
      It went alright in the end (I hope) thanks, I have many more exam to come so it is probable more stories are to follow also!

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