The sun has got his hat on

Hurray that’s right the sun is here!


The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hurray, the sun has got his hat on and he’s coming out to play.

The sun will come out tomorrow.

I’m walking on sunshine… oh ohhh.

You are my sunshine my only sunshine…

Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo, Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s alright.

Sorry reader I think I got a bit carried away with singing sun based songs (and yes I did sing them as I wrote this). There are an awful lot of sun based songs (not that I searched them after typing these out to see if there were any good ones that i’d missed). In Fact mission for you reader (If there is even anyone reading this) search sun related songs and find your favourite, and maybe if you’re feeling really adventuous comment and tell me your favourite one :)

Anyway now I really have gone off on a completely different rambling directing (my mind really is a mess). So back to the weather! Yay! Sun, sun sun!

I really do love a nice sunny day (I’m hoping you’ve got that by this point). And I really do think a sunny day can completely change your day, you wake up tired, it’s a monday morning, you really don’t want to go to work or school, but it’s sunny and suddenly you’re a lot happier, you day seems better! Funny that, isn’t it, how something as simple as sun can change your emotions from happy to sad and your day from bad to good.

I have always loved the sun (and everything that comes with the weather), the feel of the heat on your skin, sipping ice cold drinks in the garden, barbeques with your friends, the sky still being light aty night so you can go out earlier. Everything about the sun is great, shame it’s rarely sunny in the land of rain otherwise know as England…



A good cuppa tea has and always will play a fairly large part in my life. And even if I do say so myself I do make bloody good teas ;P

Time for Tea

Time for Tea

From waking me up in the morning after i’ve hauled myself from my warm bed to warming me up after time outside on a cold winter’s day.

It was the drink my mum and best friend’s mum drank as we grew closer friends over the year and now we join them in drinking tea, chatting, catching up and eating biscuits.

I began drinking tea at quite a young age, starting with sips of mum’s tea, followed by my own mugs of decafinated tea and finally normal tea.

Not many of my friends drink tea but the ones who do all say they have done it since they were young as well.

One friend and I even come together specifically for a cuppa and a chat, to catch up after a week or two of not seeing one another.

In my mind you only know a tea drinking friend really well when you know how they take their tea. Sugar? How many sugars? Sweetner? Milk? How strong?

Tea is what I drink when I get in from college and put my feet up. It’s what we drink while we fill in our weekly magazine crossword.

When we go abroad we even take tea bags with us because the tea bags we use at home are ‘the best ones’.

So you can see even though it’s something so ridiculously small, a simple cup of tea can play a big part in someones life (or my life at least).

And remember not being able to have a cup of tea for 4 days in a row whilst having to get up at 6am will make a person very grumpy and tired (Thank you very much school trip to Paris).


This is my blog about anything and everything no matter how small, from things that make me roll out in fits of laughter to things that confuse and shock me as I make my way through the ups and downs of life.

I will try to post as often as I can (but hopefully at least once or twice a week).

Note: All names (except my own) will be changed or left out to hide the guilty ;)